Who We Are

We believe that growing good food feels great! We believe in growing and producing the freshest, most nutrient dense, flavorful food for our community so that they can be the healthiest and most productive members of society.

What We Do

We are working hard to be good stewards of this land. We work in conjunction with nature by utilizing cover crops, compost, crop rotations, annual and perennial plants to attract beneficial insects, and minimal tillage to enhance our soils fertility and our plants’ health. We proudly avoid the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides and replace them with lots of hard work, hand weeding, observation of pest pressure and planning to avoid these pressures. We welcome any and all questions regarding our growing practices.

Vegetable Share


Full and Partial shares, a diverse mix of seasonal freshly harvested vegetables

Fruit Share


7+ pounds of seasonally available fruit per week

Bread Share


Fresh baked loaves of artisan sourdough based breads

CSA Program

The benefits of a CSA  are many… Receive the freshest food.
Get more veggies in your diet. Support local businesses.
Diversify your diet. Sign up by following the link below.

Why Foothill Roots Farm?

Community is at the core of our farm.

  • Growing vegetables, fruits and animals is the conduit we use to serve our local community. We want our farm to be a place to connect with friends, family and neighbors, a place of beauty,fun, and inspiration. We believe that seeing customers smiling faces when they receive our produce is food for our souls. We love hearing the stories of cooking adventures, news of lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and members who’s children will only eat carrots from our farm! Every step we take as farmers is to grow better and not necessarily bigger. We are always learning and discovering, innovating, becoming more efficient, and adapting in order to become better more educated farmers. We invite you to grow with us through the years.

~With gratitude and dirt under our nails, Diane and Patrick.