CSA Program

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

A CSA is a progressive model that allows the community to actively participate in and support local agriculture by buying local, seasonal, organically grown food directly from the farm.   The CSA movement started in the US in 1985, founded after the Japanese model from the 1960 called Teikei ”Food with a farmers face on it.”  Families have the unique experience of becoming a member at the beginning of the season and in return receiving a box of freshly picked vegetables on a weekly basis.

The benefits of a CSA  are many. Customers receive the freshest, tastiest, highest quality of often times heirloom varieties of vegetables.  The direct relationship of mutual support between the farmers and community members provides a healthy, ecological, just alternative to industrial agriculture. You participate in the risks and uncertainties of farming as well as sharing the bountiful harvests.  CSA fosters a sense of responsibility between people and the food they eat, the land on which it is grown and those who grow it. And the CSA model provides the grower with a more economically stable farm operation.



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